Bride-to-Be Did You Ever or Would You Ever? –

Bride-to-Be Did You Ever or Would You Ever?

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HOW TO PLAY: The Bride-to-Be decides who will flip first. Play begins by having the player flip the heads or tails chip and then, while the chip is still in the air, calling heads or tails. If guessed right, pass the chip to the player on your right to flip next. If guessed wrong, you must either flip the truth or dare chip (and choose a card) or take a drink. When a player chooses to flip the truth or dare chip, she must then draw the card from the corresponding card deck and perform the challenge as directed on the card. Once a challenge is completed the card is returned to the bottom bottom of the deck and her turn ends. Game continues and the player on the right will be next to flip.

CONTENTS: 1 Truth or Dare Chip, 1 Heads or Tails Chip, 30 Dare Cards, and 30Truth Cards.